Thursday, August 18, 2011

Second Grade Is Going to Rock

W got a letter from his new teacher, Mr. Lane, today.   He told me about it on our walk this evening.

W: I got a letter from Mr. Lane today.  (My introductory sentence now seems even more brilliant, no?)
Me: Really?  That's cool.  What'd it say?
W: Just some stuff about second grade.  And, we have a new principal.  His name is Mr. Sumthinsumthincrazyname.  (Actually, he just kind of mumbled, and implied the crazy name, but this has a bit more flair, don't you think?)
Me: Yeah, he sent us a letter a few days ago, but I can't remember his name either.
W: No, Mr. Lane.  He sent a letter today.
[Brief intermission, while I explained that we actually received letters from both Mr. Lane and the school's new principal, who seems very nice and doesn't actually have a crazy name, though I still can't remember what it is.]
W: It's blue. 
Me: Huh?
W: He wrote it on blue paper.
Me: Oh, that's cool.  Can I see it?
W: Sure.  It's on our wall.
Me: What?
W: I hung it up on my bedroom wall.  I'll show you when we get home. 

How sweet is my boy that he was so happy and excited and proud to get a letter from his teacher that he taped it up to his bedroom wall?!

And it turns out that Mr. Lane is in a band that is playing in the local garlic festival on Labor Day weekend and he invited all of his students and their families to come see the show.  W also informed me (while we were on our walk) that sometimes Mr. Lane brings his guitar to school on Fridays; from the cool dance moves he pulled off while we were still walking down the street, I would say that W is pretty psyched about second grade. 

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