Monday, August 8, 2011

45 Year-Old Preschooler

Is it a problem that my son B is consistently more “on the ball” than be or my husband? Yesterday, for example, he reminded me that I had forgotten to give him his Zyrtec and that his ‘allergies were bothering him’. His words.

He is always reminding me not to use bad words, and to remember my vitamins, that my shirt is inside out and what world peace would look like. He gives me and my husband lectures at the dinner table about how people should treat their friends or the benefits of brushing your teeth well. And every time, Chris looks at me, shakes his head and says “he’s definitely your son”

The other night, I said that the boys needed to get in the car so that we could go to the grocery store (that we affectionately call “Tops til ya Drop”). B said that he didn't want to set foot anywhere near Tops til ya Drop…to which I retorted that we had ZERO FOOD in our house and we wouldn’t have dinner otherwise. Somewhere in the course of the evening, plans changed and we ended up ditching the grocery store trip and in the process B started sobbing in the back seat of my station wagon “nooooowwww whaaaaatttttt in the wooorrrlllldddd are we going to eeeeaaaaatttttttt???? In the end we settled on foraging for some old stale crackers and cheese etc. for dinner. You can only imagine his dismay. What self-respecting family eats crackers for dinner?

Last night, his soccer game was cancelled, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Buddy, your soccer game was cancelled tonight, sorry.

B: Why?

Me: I think the heat index is too high. And it might storm.

B: Well Mom, that’s alright, ya know why?

Me: Why?

B: Because we need a night to just stay home and get some yard work done instead of always running around to do different things.

Me: Yard work. Instead of soccer?

B: Yes Mom, it’s really getting out of hand.

Me: Mmmmmm, true…

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