Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quiet Night....kind of...well, for two of us, anyway.

So, W was in big trouble tonight for being mean to his brother.  No fishing at the lake for him.  Big tears, big drama.  To avoid punishing the entire family (sorry, Christopher), J and I decided to have our own little outing.  When I asked him what he wanted to do, his answer was, of course, to go swimming.   It was just a little too chilly for the lake, so we were off to the Rec Center.  Apparently, it was just a little too warm to be inside this evening, because when we got there there were only two other people in the pool.  So we made some new friends and had a lovely swim, which included a game of Shark (in which I was the shark and the two kids were the humans that I was trying to eat who pretty much just hung around "safety" except for a handful of moments where they swam out about a foot and a half and then immediately back to safety) and lots of jumping from the starting blocks into the deep end.  J is very pleased that he can now swim without a floaty, and has taken to wearing flippers so he can really get some speed going in the pool (and they help him touch the bottom in the shallow end).  He's quite the little swimmer now and it makes us both very happy. 

After a nice shower, and a few minutes in the "hot room" (a.k.a. the sauna) to dry off, we got J into his jammies for the ride home.   Because we haven't done laundry in a while, J's jammies consisted of a pair of shorts that are legitimately pajamas (though the shirt is nowhere to be found at the moment) and a big t-shirt that he got from the  "running race" he was in earlier this summer.  Check this out to see what that was all about and to get a look at the cute little bear that's on what is now J's favorite sleeping shirt.  That boy went on and on about how he loves it, and how he's going to sleep really good tonight, not because of all the swimming we did, but because his shirt is so soft and cozy.  And of course, it reminds him that he won a medal in his running race.  Which makes him very happy (direct quote: "I'm happy that I won that medal."   And he really, really was....he wore that medal around his neck for three days.)   Thinking about his medal got him to pondering other prizes; he was sure to tell me that for running races you win a medal, but for driving races you win a Piston Cup.  And for swimming races, you win a glass cup.  (OK, that happened back when Jana and I were still the the Momlandia-planning stages, so quick summary: I did the swim portion of a triathlon with a good friend of ours, J's preschool teacher, actually.  And we won...for relays in our age-group.  But still, to J, that's winning!  And we were awarded a Vermont Sun pint glass, which seems a bit un-triathlon-y, but what the hell do I know? I just showed up and swam for 10 minutes, which I suppose makes it the perfect prize for me.   But I digress....)  So anyway, my glass-cup-not-a-piston-cup took a header out of the dish rack a few weeks ago.   And in the stream of consciousness zone my boy was in tonight, remembering that we had to recycle my award was the logical next thought:  medal --> piston cup --> glass cup --> broken cup --> :(   And my sweet little boy actually said to me "I'm sorry for you that your cup got broken."  Just like that, "I'm sorry for you."    So after I got done kissing his face off, he went right into problem solving mode and suggested that I just do the race with Nikki again, and win again, so we can get a cup again.  Which I totally could do, right? 

So my sweet little comfy-shirted boy and I headed home, snuggled down into bed with W (who was still up and marginally penitent), and read some Dragonbreath and some Harry Potter.  J was asleep about a page and a half into Harry.  Must have been the shirt. 

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