Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dive Right In!

Considering how much Noelle’s family likes swimming, I thought I better chime in with my own post on the subject ;)

The brief background is that Noelle, my husband and their sister have participated in competitive swimming since they were little kids. My Chris practically majored in swimming in college and spent a bunch of time after college coaching swimming there. So our kids are bound to be little fish, right? Other than the fact that I have a thinly veiled fear of children around deep water. My idea of swimming involves wading in a cute swimsuit and sunbathing on a sunny beach. Clearly, my husband wants our children to become the next Michael Phelps’…but he won’t admit it.

So, Chris has been helping out with a local competitive swimming club team, and they are offering a learn-to-swim lesson program that started last night. We enrolled B and I think I was way more nervous than he was. He took to it like a natural….slashing, putting his face right in, and kicking like a maniac! It was so fun to watch him. Every time he glanced up at me and Sean on the pool deck he gave us a huge smile and thumbs-up. I am so glad that I didn’t show him my fear.

S was another matter. He really doesn’t understand why he can’t do everything that B does. He kept looking at me with a toothy grin, eyes sparkling… “Mommy, Sean jump in pool too?” I need some advice on how to explain to the two year old why he can’t get on the school bus and go to kindergarten, dive in the pool, play goalie at soccer practice or cast a fishing pole with a hook on it….any suggestions?

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