Thursday, August 4, 2011

He Knows How To Charm The Ladies

It seems like every other day I have a talk with the boys about "private areas."  Today, while J (who is 4 and a half) was getting ready for a shower, he was walking around the bathroom, bare-chested, and pondering privacy.

J: (rubbing his nipples) These are your private areas. 

Me:  That's right, honey.

J: Not really for boys.  Just for girls. 

Me:  Well, I guess that's usually how it works, but on your body, you get to decide.

Long pause.  

J:  Yeah, on boys they're just like little dots. On girls, they're like big, bulging....  (he pauses to put his shirt in the laundry basket and, apparently, to come up with an appropriate simile)....they're like big balls of rubber. 

The best I could muster with a straight face was an "oh yeah?"   To which he looked up at me with his big eyes, with a serious and knowing little frown, and just nodded. 

At least it was said in a reverent tone.

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