Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Night=No Blogging

Tonight's been a busy night.  Instead of doing what I want to be doing (writing you a post about how I can't complete a sentence these days without my kids interrupting me), I'm about to hunker down to read a dozen grants for work. At quarter of 10.  So I can have my day tomorrow free to write my own grants, get my kids' hair cut, and help them get packed up for a few overnights with grandma and grandpa.  J is already feeling a bit nervous about being away from us for a while.  He keeps saying "I'm going to be lonely" and I know what he means is "I'm going to miss you" so I keep reminding him of everyone who he's going to see and how happy they will be to see him.  (He told me all of this while I was trying to read to him and W before bed....see what I'm saying about the interrupting?!?!) 

Hopefully more (and better) tomorrow. 

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